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September 26, 2010

We can do it!!(First thoughts on culture, tourism, lifestyle and Modena)

by felicitamodna82

So it is possible! Modena is not only an agricutural and industrial centre, with a small elìte of jurists in the main city…

I live between my hometown Modena and my PhD location Salzburg. These two cities have both a wonderful historical city centre, but lie on opposite sides when we look at the way they organise their economic policies, their tourism and culture management,  and – in the end – how they promote themselves. This will be the main theme for my blog. I love travelling, I love enjoying art, architecture, food, drinks, things to do and so on, and I miss sometimes what one could ( or should) do in a certain city.

Salzburg invested everything in promoting the beauty of the city centre and supporting the Salzburg festivals. This means most of the time that even inhabitants are subordinated to tourism – being excluded sometimes by benefits. The main case is represented by the Festivals, far too expensive for many people. Another terrible problem is competing for parking lots when trying to live in Salzburg: if you don’t have a place to park, you will better use public transports ( which means travelling 45 minutes instead of 10-15…) or you hope that there is no rain, no snow, no ice and ride your bike.

Modena is the contrary: no one promotes cultural issues. There is nothing for tourists ( info points and so on). Authorities seem not to care for advertising the cultural richness of our Province – when compared to Salzburg.

What happened in Modena in September?

10th-12th September: Mutina Boica (Celtic feast)

17th-19th September: FestivalFilosofia sulla fortuna (Philosophy festival, theme: fortune and luck)

2 exhibitions

and many other ideas…

The main issue in these things is: full of people, both inhabitants and tourists. This means: if one would like to offer something different for the population and tourists, there will be a market for it.

Rough thoughts for today ( a beautiful Sunday)…there is still a lot to say…till next time!

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September 15, 2010

Answer to a book review for my Una Regione Ospedale (Italian)

by felicitamodna82

Somehow the Italian blog Frontiere Digitali does not allow me to comment this review, although they are supported by WordPress too. I am waiting for a solution to be found. In the meanwhile, I post my comment here, even though my blog was not meant to write about my scientific activities:

Innanzitutto ringrazio della recensione positiva ed entusiasta e dell’evidente impegno a leggere con accuratezza e a commentare così approfonditamente la nostra opera, peraltro uscita da poco e sicuramente non ascrivibile fra le “letture estive”.

Nell’ambito dello spirito della discussione pubblica sui contenuti, ci tenevo ad aprire un dialogo su un punto. Lei scrive che la mia scelta dei territori da comparare la lascia perplessa, soprattutto sulla base dei dati da me stessa forniti. Nel passaggio principale intendo sottolineare come la Provincia di Modena, in teoria unità amministrativa gerarchicamente inferiore al Land se prendiamo le entità statati Regno ed Impero, non pone problemi dal punto di vista demografico rispetto alla comparazione in quanto, addirittura, più popolosa del Land. Le motivazioni del mio confronto si dilungano però per i sottocapitoli successivi (da pag. 153 fino a pag. 165, più o meno) e delineano diversi paralleli  nelle funzioni dei due territori, oltre ad alcune similarità a livello di società. Non so se questo possa aiutare a chiarire meglio. Ho delineato le linee guida della mia comparazione relative a questa ricerca, lo stesso farò in maniera ben più approfondita (circa due capitoli) nella tesi di dottorato.

Sulle generiche perplessità sulla storia comparata poco posso fare, in quanto ha i suoi sostenitori assoluti, i suoi detrattori e coloro che pensano che rispetto a certi temi possa essere una metodologia piena di risorse e vantaggi. Si può discutere, quindi, su questo, ma la critica alla mia comparazione così presentata appare priva di argomentazione e sembra più un pretesto per attaccare la scelta comparativa in sé, sminuendo il valore della ricerca (il buon giornalista sa che “il mostro si sbatte in prima pagina”, e chiunque legga trova come prima cosa una critica anziché una lode).

Sacrosanta, invece, la critica sulla mancanza di un capitolo conclusivo, peraltro doveroso nella prassi accademica più rigorosa, ma sacrificato per questioni pratiche legate alla pubblicazione, cioè i limiti nel numero di pagine.

Cordiali saluti

Felicita Ratti

The review can be found here:

September 15, 2010

Why this blog?

by felicitamodna82

I got the idea from a friend, an Italian journalist. He noticed I am plenty of ideas but I have no fix job at the University and I am not a journalist or a politician…so I would risk that many people could scream their ideas – no matter if good, average or bad -, covering my good ones. (hope this does not sound that arrogant…I think many of us have good ideas and don’t even get to try to share them!)
We discussed a lot about promoting valuable or beautiful things which are not well known and supported, starting from our homeland – the Provincia di Modena, from Dogana Nuova to Mirandola, from Marzaglia to Cavazzona. We went on discussing stereotypes, mistakes, misunderstandings…
Although he is convinced I should start a professional journalist career together with my current historian career, he advised me to open a blog: an informal way to share my ideas that don’t suit strict scientific publications and don’t need to involve myself as a practising journalist.
So here it is…I will start writing about “my little world”, my microcosm, and I will try to relate it to the macrocosm (Europe or the whole world, it depends). This does not mean I want to write extreme intellectual things. There are many wonderful aspects anybody can appreciate without stressing his/herself or without getting a sudden headache, but just relaxing and opening his/her mind and my blog.

I find this idea great, since many people often see me only as a researcher, or as an Italian, as a stupid football fan or anything else I sometimes show as my appearance. I am first of all a human being, I am simply a woman. I am very shy and complicated and many people are only able to see the instant appearance of myself instead of my person. I hope this blog idea turns out well, showing more sides of me!

Many thanks to the friend, Gabriele Testi, who made me think about blogging.

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