Why this blog?

by felicitamodna82

I got the idea from a friend, an Italian journalist. He noticed I am plenty of ideas but I have no fix job at the University and I am not a journalist or a politician…so I would risk that many people could scream their ideas – no matter if good, average or bad -, covering my good ones. (hope this does not sound that arrogant…I think many of us have good ideas and don’t even get to try to share them!)
We discussed a lot about promoting valuable or beautiful things which are not well known and supported, starting from our homeland – the Provincia di Modena, from Dogana Nuova to Mirandola, from Marzaglia to Cavazzona. We went on discussing stereotypes, mistakes, misunderstandings…
Although he is convinced I should start a professional journalist career together with my current historian career, he advised me to open a blog: an informal way to share my ideas that don’t suit strict scientific publications and don’t need to involve myself as a practising journalist.
So here it is…I will start writing about “my little world”, my microcosm, and I will try to relate it to the macrocosm (Europe or the whole world, it depends). This does not mean I want to write extreme intellectual things. There are many wonderful aspects anybody can appreciate without stressing his/herself or without getting a sudden headache, but just relaxing and opening his/her mind and my blog.

I find this idea great, since many people often see me only as a researcher, or as an Italian, as a stupid football fan or anything else I sometimes show as my appearance. I am first of all a human being, I am simply a woman. I am very shy and complicated and many people are only able to see the instant appearance of myself instead of my person. I hope this blog idea turns out well, showing more sides of me!

Many thanks to the friend, Gabriele Testi, who made me think about blogging.

One Comment to “Why this blog?”

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! (Spotted you on my “Salzburg” RSS feed. I am a research fellow here.)

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