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June 28, 2017

7 ways Italian food is done horribly wrong abroad

by felicitamodna82

I was planning on resuming my old “serious” blog… and here is the chance! A well-written article (I am quite old-fashioned and I still call stuff “article”, “essay”, and so on) about food, language and culture.
I guess the extra price for a freddo is due to the fact that serving the usual espresso is a sort of assembly line and distribution chain (that include using very warm cups), and preparing and serving a cold one interrupts the usually flowing process.

To say nothing of the cat

Hello! This time I am back with a populist, stereotype-heavy article, following my most-read-ever post about my life in Prague.

Some people were asking “hey, why don’t you write about something you miss from Italy?” – their first obvious idea being food. The thing is, I don’t miss good Italian food. I can find a few very good restaurants and pizzerias in Prague, and when I have a more specific itch to scratch, I can buy the ingredients in any decent supermarket and cook it myself.

Instead, I decided to write this hate rant satirical post to reflect on one detail that really irritates me when abroad or travelling: the way Italian food is misrepresented, or sometimes just done horribly wrong.

I will include some all-time classics, like the oldCOOKING PASTA IN COLD WATER SHOULD BE ILLEGAL thing, but I also hope to bring also some fresh…

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