Born on March 24th, 1982 in Modena, Northern Italy. Aries ascendant Virgo: this describes me a lot. On one side passion, romanticism, foolishness, creativity, a terrible girl…
on the other side control, science, consequent decisions, coherence, order…
This always makes difficult to let me be understood by people, who – most of the time – do not want to recognise the other side of myself, or simply cannot accept I am always myself.
My interests are many and different as well: you can find me in a stadium or in a public record office, in a disco or in a library, at a metal concert and in the Salzburger Festspielhaus, in a restaurant eating and drinking as a male and in a gym studio. I enjoy watching films and series on my bed or my couch and just falling asleep, even at 22, or dancing in a club till 3, 4, 5 o’clock (rock, dark new wave, metal, pop, disco, dance, trance, hard core, salsa, mambo… it does not really matter!). I could be thrilled at waking up on 4 o’clock just to travel somewhere or to go hiking… or at having free and sleeping till 11 when it is raining cats and dogs outside and I just smile listening to raindrops on my window, relaxing under my blankets. Wearing a comfortable ( but possibly sexy…) Adidas training suit, or designer outfit-classy stuff-fighetteria-Tuss-Gewand ( when I can afford it…), or well-combinded casual stuff. That’ s always me. Driving my MTB around Salzburg for and entire day, or partying all the night. Trying to fit as many vegetables as possible in my diet, then stuffing myself with Modenese food and Lambrusco, then caffè and nocino. Most important of all: enjoying all of this as well! And being myself all of the time.

Why this blog? Why do I ever write? Some beautiful lines – not by me – which somehow have something to do with my decision. I will not explain why exactly…it is the artist’s prerogative to decide what to represent and what to show…  Dedicated to the two halves of my soul who always inspire my writing – scientific or emotional, who cares! It is always my own writing process as well!

Has anyone ever written anything for you
In all your darkest hours? […]

[…] So, if not for me, then
Do it for yourself
If not for me then
Do it for the world
Poet…priest of nothing

Stevie Nicks, Has anyone ever written anything for you?

Well, I have to add something more. Many people will ask what I do for living…I live between Salzburg and Modena, I am trying to finish a PhD program and I earn my life teaching Italian (sometimes even English, Latin, German…yes, I wrote German! I couldn’t believe it myself!), translating into Italian from EN&DE, selling my two books. About this stuff, the “boring stuff”, there are some links on your right, so feel free to have a look…it is a side of me as well! (and if you buy a book by me or want to do business and/or research with me, I will not be sad, believe me!)

5 Comments to “About”

  1. Very interresting blog. I like you comment on Bob Dylan´s jacket and trousers. In Bonn he wore a dark blue jacket and white trousers, both much too wide. If you get the chance, go make a travel in following Bob on tour. I did it in octobre 2002 from Berkeley to Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles, San Diego an Las Vegas. All together ten concerts. the best is meeting so many fine people. One of my best experiences. I still have one good friendship with James living outside of S.F.

    Ich versuche etwas auf das Konto in Ostfildern für die Hilfe der Erdbebenopfer zu senden.

    All the best to you, alles Gute


  2. Danke Dir! Das ist so nett von Dir! Die Situation ist echt sehr schlimm und man kann manchmal nicht glauben, dass so eine Katastrophe in meiner Heimat passiert ist. Man denkt immer an andere Länder und Gebieten….und plotzlich ist dein Nachbar im Fernsehen…dein Dom…usw…
    I would love to follow Bob in tour! I did a very short European tour in 2002 from Straßburg to Paris and I agree: that is so nice! Meeting people, sharing experiences, having a Dylanist full immersion! Unfortunately I tried to follow other paths and I got out of touch with that world. The crisis is making my efforts in the academia quite “sinnlos”, so I partly regret it…but after all I already had so much!
    Thank you for your kind thoughts and for commenting on this blog, and all the best nach Deutschland – vermutlich!
    Felicita, alias Infidel Researcher.

  3. Sehr gefallen hat mir auch “Grown up in a lumpenproletarian council house”, die meisten Leute werden gar nicht mehr wissen, woher der Begriff “Lumpenproletariat” kommt. Wahrscheinlich war es nicht ganz leicht. Im übrigen kaufen wir regelmäßig italienische Lebensmittel (Aceto, Olio, Pecorino, Pasta, etc.) gibt es bestimmte Marken nach denen man beim Einkauf in Deutschland schauen kann? Als Herkunft ist meist nur das Land und nicht die Region oder gar Stadt angegeben.

  4. Ja, man sollte es nie so offen zugeben, aber leicht war es nicht und ist manchmal noch nicht, aber vielleicht wird es mir besser gehen als meiner Mutter (Jg. 1938 mit allen D´rum und D´ran…Krieg und eine schwierige Gesellschaft…).
    In den “fine lines” steht manchmal geschrieben, ob sie von beschädigten Betrieben kommt oder nicht. Es ist leider nicht so einfach, muss ich sagen….ich soll vielleicht ein “Wegweiser” schreiben, als nächsten Text? 🙂
    Am besten gibt es Möglichkeiten, in Internet Einiges zu bestellen. Es ist leider auch nicht so wie im Supermarkt (sofort, auf Deutsch beschriftet und oft auch günstig…:-) ) aber manchmal lohnt sich.

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